Fire Season in Arizona

This year has been a pretty bad fire season to say the least for the sate of Arizona. Not only for Arizona but other states as well. We recently lost 19 heroic firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew. The fire was started by lightning and decimated the town of Yarnell. We are moving into stage1 fire restriction once again meaning there will be no open fires anywhere in my area and possible the entire state. These fire restrictions have become more and more strict and more often in the last few years. This also has an effect on wilderness training in the sense that even the most basic of classes requires the use of fire. Without the ability to have an open fire there is no use in training students how to properly and safely make, build, and keep a fire. Fines are stiff and can cost upwards of 250,000 dollars in fines. For this reason I have decided to cancel all classes and move to the book format so students can learn at their own pace. I am open to all questions about the use of these books and the information in them. This way you can learn at your own pace and do it in the safety of your own property. This way there is need for fire permits, special use permits for land, no waivers or insurance, and it is more cost effective to you the student. I apologize for having to go to this format, I understand that nothing can replace actual field time with an instructor. However when bureaucracies become the general rule this is the only option to keep costs down to make learning affordable for all.

Survival in the Southwest Books 1-6

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