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High Desert Survival School has now changed its format. Classes are now learned on your time and at your own pace. Each book in the Survival in Southwest series focuses on a topic of survival. From the very basics of dealing with stresses and kit preparation to improvising your equipment and much more.

Survival in the Southwest Books 1-6

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Arizona Bushman is is the nick name of John Campbell also known as John “Arizona Bushman” Campbell. This web site is dedicated to him and all the hard work he has put into the survival field. For well over 20 years john has been involved in wilderness skills. At the time it was not called bushcraft, primitive skills, or survival it was simply the way it was just the way it was.

John Campbell is a former desert survival Instructor from Arizona. He has been into wilderness survival since the age of 8. He grew up in Oklahoma in a small town called Holson Valley . During heavy rains and ice storms he and his family would be trapped for weeks at a time. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and gardening became a way of life. The family would even raise their own food animals for sustainment during these hard times.

At age 11 he and his family moved to Poteau where he joined the Boy Scouts. He was active with them for five years and moved onto the Explorer Scouts. There were always plenty of outings and opportunities to be outdoors. Learning Wilderness Survival Skills were always a key note on these outings. Growing up he also had a lot of Native American friends from the Cherokee and Choctaw Tribes. They would hike and camp for days on end practicing ancestral skills. Snakes, fish, bugs, and wild edibles were on the menu. Nights were spent in a natural shelter.

Before graduating from high school in 1995 he traveled to Louisiana and Mississippi practicing Swamp Survival Skills, he practiced there for 6 months. He spent a year in Galveston and traveled to Gulf Shores, Alabama studying Coastal Survival Skills. In 1998 he moved to Arizona. In 2003 he took Cody Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School at Yavapai College. He has been practicing Desert Survival and Primitive skills ever since and has been actively teaching these skills since 2004

You may notice a few things everything is pretty much written in third person. No John does not have a writer that takes care of his website. It is made simple and thats the way he likes it. With all the crap he is bombarded with on a daily basis web site design is not on that list. This site is set up for fast updating and maintenance for a reason. Look basic and simple? Good!  Also there are no more desert survival classes at this time. He is not sure if he will ever start them up again. Why? The state of Arizona has so many restrictions that it is too much of a liability to teach and it is not cost effective in this bad economy to charge each student 1,000 dollars or more just cover the cost of permits and insurance. SORRY!

Mostly the site is set up to promote Johns Knives, Books, DVDs (when they are completed), and his accomplishments. This site is also set up for gear testing and survival skills.