Mullein and Yarrow Tea

On a recent outing I found myself feeling a little under the weather. I couldn’t breathe because my nose absolutely stopped up on me. I started to feel a little feverish and my chest was beginning to feel a little congested. I had been camping for a few days and while the days were well into the 70s the nights were falling into the low 40s. One night dropped into the high thirties so I know breathing that cold night air didn’t do me any favors. For one I was suffering from some pretty bad seasonal allergies which resulted in the mucus draining into my ears and chest, not a good deal.

Once I felt the onset of the symptoms I realized I needed to do something to treat myself or I could end up needing a Dr later on. These types of issues can actually result in the onset of pneumonia. Knowing what area I was in I knew that the Mullein would help me with my congestion and help open up my lungs while the yarrow would help with my fever and a host of other issues.

I quickly boiled up some water on the fire. Once the water was done boiling I added the herbs I had picked. This was 4 small Mullein leaves and 8 or 9 sprigs of yarrow. I allowed them to steep for about 20 minutes then strained them off through a bandanna into another container. I quickly drank this up and with in a few minutes I could breathe again. Had I needed more I could have taken more in around 3 to 4 hours. I generally find that I get really fast and amazing results anytime I use a natural remedy.

Use this information at your own risk. I do not hold any responsibility for the use or misuse of this information. I have used plants for medicine for a very long time. I can not tell you how your body will react. Use caution and your own discretion.


Understand that yarrow is considered edible. However it does have toxic properties and should be consumed in small quantities.

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