Saguaro Survival Knife

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Review of the Saguaro Survival Knife done by Jalapeno Gal’s Way of Living.


Blade: 1075 High Carbon Steel

Hardness: Rockwell 54-55rc

Overall length: 12.5″ (31.8cm)

Blade length: 7.25″ (18.5cm)

Blade thickness: 3/16″ (5.1mm)

Weight: 26.5 ounces (750g)

Available with polished or black finish.

John Campbell is a former desert survival instructor from Arizona. He has been into wilderness survival since the age of 8. He grew up in Oklahoma in a small town called Holson Valley and during heavy rains and ice storms he and his family would be trapped for weeks at a time. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and gardening became a way of life and they would even raise their own food animals for sustainment during these hard times.

After graduating from high school in 1995 and spending some years undertaking survival skills in hostile environments, John moved to Arizona where he has been practicing desert survival skills and Primitive skills ever since, actively teaching survival since 2004.

A lot of time has gone into the design of the Saguaro Survival Knife. John worked on the design for several years as he wanted a knife that would tackle just about any job that could be thrown at it. Being a survival instructor and growing up in a wilderness he knew what kinds of tasks would be demanded of a blade.

Weight and balance play a major role in any knife design – too light and heavy tasks become extremely daunting, throw in bad balance and chopping as well as fine work are nearly impossible.

Incorporating these things into the Saguaro Survival Knife makes chopping, splitting, and shaving an absolute breeze. Add balance with the full tang design, and fine work like making fireboards, traps, and other tools is extremely easy as well. The generous choil and thumb bump give amazing control to the blade. The hole in the thumb bump gives an extra lanyard hole to make a secure grip while using the knife as a chopper. The exposed tang in the pummel makes a good glass breaker for emergency exits from automobiles or can even be used as an egress knife to exit downed aircraft.

Jazmin Black and White The 1075 High Carbon Steel blade comes either polished or in black Fluoralon coating. The polished blade works very well in dryer climates or those without salt air. The black Fluoralon coating makes the blade perfect for places that have salt air or may come in contact with salt water. It also prevents glare while in use with military personnel.

The Linen Micarta handle (polished with the polished blade) finishes off the knife making it more resistant to environmental factors. The knife is supplied with a high quality webbed sheath.

The Saguaro is also designed with military personnel in mind. This blade can double as a combat knife. The additional grind on the spine of the blade makes it an optimal blade for combat situations and the reinforced point makes it ideal for penetrating body armor on an enemy soldier. This blade is not a weapon though, it is a tool to save a life and it is built to handle any task that can be thrown at it. It is designed to handle life and death situations and help you make it home alive.

Important Please Read:

These knives are made of a high carbon steel. This behaves much differently than stainless steel. Many knives with high carbon steel are coated with a hard coating to prevent tarnishing. An example of this is my High Desert Survival Knife made with 1095 high carbon steel or the coated Saguaro Survival Knife. This blade is coated with TOPS Knives traction coating to protect the blade from rust and tarnish. The Coated Saguaro Survival Knife is coated with a Fluoralon coating to resist tarnish and corrosion. The polished or satin Saguaro Survival Knife as well as the Southwest Hunter and trapper are not coated leaving the blades exposed to the elements. It is important to remember to wipe down your blade after use. If the blade has come into contact with any type of moisture it must be wiped down and dried completely. This is then wiped down with a light oil like olive oil. Some people even prefer to wipe the blade down with animal fat, this is fine and will aid in the prevention of rust and tarnish. This must be done before storing the knife or returning it to the sheath.

I live in a desert; this means that moisture in the air is not really a big issue. However, swamp coolers are prominent in the desert for cooling homes. This will add a high amount of humidity into the air. The blades must be oiled and taken care of before storage. In other areas of the country or the world may have either salt air or higher atmospheric humidity. This will also have an effect on the rust and tarnish on the blades. Please take the time to take the proper care of your blades.

Over time, it is normal for the blades to become a darker grey. This is what high carbon steel does. This is not harmful to the blade and is called patina. Some will opt to force a patina on the blade by dipping in an acid such as vinegar. This will make the blade darken and affect the looks of the knife. The same result can happen when cutting into high acid foods. Please keep all this in mind and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me regarding the use and care of any of my blades.

What are people saying about the Saguaro Survival Knife?

Isaac D:

Mr. John, I am writing to let you know that I received my knife today. Wow, it is everything I wanted in a survival knife. The best thing is that I got it quicker than originally stated. I am very pleased. Mr. John……there is one problem bro: I only bought one!! I should have purchased two saguaro survival knives. One for daily use and the other for backup and/or display. I will be buying another soon. Thank you again,


A sweet blade for the desert and beyond!

I’ve had the Saguaro Survival Knife for just a short time, but I can wholeheartedly say is one truly excellent blade. The thought that John Campbell has put into the design is evident with each task you tackle, from splitting & chopping, to carving and other, more delicate activities. Scorpion Knives’ top-notch craftsmanship, too, is written into every curve, edge, and angle. I have just one minor complaint: I do find the handle to be a tad large. However, I have small-medium hands, so it’s not inconsistent with most knives of this general length, and is something I’ve gotten used to dealing with. This will probably not be a problem for average guys. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this knife.

Mat R:

Black Coated Blade

I have the black version of this blade and I was amazed that the coating did not interfere with the use of a forro rod. This really is a great blade!

David F:

I like the over all balance of this knife. It has a nice weight that allows you to slide threw material quickly and easily. Its a good quality knife that keeps a good edge. It something I will always carry.


best built knife for the money

i use this knife as a camp knife and a all around tool its not to big it not to small it just feel right in the hand i cant think of a thing that is not great about this knife the only problem is i don’t have two of them

Kyle H:

One Heck of a Knife!

I have used this this knife for a lot of tasks. I have gutted fish, skinned wild hogs, chopped through joints, chopped branches, and even made fine trap triggers with this knife. I have had it for close to a year now and it is the only knife I carry now. It holds a good edge and is very easy to sharpen.

Matt C:

Excellent all around knife

This has become my “go to” knife when I am out in the backyard prepping wood for a fire. Workmanship is excellent and the handle is comfortable. The sheath is well designed and can be attached to any molle equipped backpack. I have many large knifes but this is the one I get out and use the most. I owned it since November 2011 and its still hair shaving sharp!

Smith H:

Great Big All Purpose Blade

Just a great all-around LARGE Camp Knife Fits my LARGE hands Great Not too big Sheath is Great

Reviewed by Ashley from Swindon Wiltshire

The Arizona Saguaro by John Campbell is a great knife. I have used it to chop and carve wood as well as chopping cauliflower for lunch and it performs great. I have bought both models just to see the difference. The satin version has a polished handle that looks great but does not grip as well as the black coated version. The black version would look better with the red lining on the handle like the satin version, this would finish it nicely. The cordura sheath is well designed, you could of hung the sheath upside down if they hand stitched the top of the elastic where the top of the handle lays. The build quality of these knives is about 97% it’s my favourite go to knife at the moment.

Reviewed by PT from Doncaster

I’ve been waiting for this to come back into stock for a while, knowing they were made to order. I could have ordered direct from Scorpion but HH were slightly cheaper and give a better service (waited 8 weeks for a Tanto from Scorpion). It really is a great quality knife, and the satin with the polished micarta is superb. The sheath is quality too, but a leather option would have been nice. Once again, hats off to HH, fantastic service as always.

Reviewed by Mark b from Chester

Very few knives get the whole package “just right” and the Saguaro is one of them. Sharp, strong blade, good edge and the handle is a genuine thing of beauty. But it’s the combination of all the parts that create a final product that’s very very nice.

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