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Introducing a couple of new designs by John Campbell and Scorpion Knives UK. I am proud to announce the Southwest Hunter and the Southwest Trapper. These blades are a little different than most of the other blades John has designed. The goal of the design was to come up with a blade that could be tough for most outdoor tasks and still be legal for EDC in most areas. Each blade will be 3/16 thick in CS80 Carbon steel. They have a brush satin finish with micarta scales. These blades are designed to be used for hunting, trapping, survival, bushcraft, or any other outdoor task.

Southwest Trapper 2

This is a photo of the Southwest Trapper. It has a 4 inch CS80 carbon steel blade giving it a 91/2 inch overall length.

Southwest Hunter 3

This is a photo of the Southwest Hunter. It has a 5 inch CS80 carbon blade and is 93/4 inches overall with micarta handles.

This is a photo of the Southwest Trapper and Southwest Hunter together. Each one is hand crafted in Sheffield England from Sheffield steel. They both come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. Each blade comes with a leather sheath. These knives can take up to 8 weeks for delivery due to the order volume at Scorpion. Once they are built they will be shipped out directly from the factory.

Important Please Read:

These knives are made of a high carbon steel. This behaves much differently than stainless steel. Many knives with high carbon steel are coated with a hard coating to prevent tarnishing. An example of this is my High Desert Survival Knife made with 1095 high carbon steel or the coated Saguaro Survival Knife. This blade is coated with TOPS Knives traction coating to protect the blade from rust and tarnish. The Coated Saguaro Survival Knife is coated with a Fluoralon coating to resist tarnish and corrosion. The polished or satin Saguaro Survival Knife as well as the Southwest Hunter and trapper are not coated leaving the blades exposed to the elements. It is important to remember to wipe down your blade after use. If the blade has come into contact with any type of moisture it must be wiped down and dried completely. This is then wiped down with a light oil like olive oil. Some people even prefer to wipe the blade down with animal fat, this is fine and will aid in the prevention of rust and tarnish. This must be done before storing the knife or returning it to the sheath.

I live in a desert; this means that moisture in the air is not really a big issue. However, swamp coolers are prominent in the desert for cooling homes. This will add a high amount of humidity into the air. The blades must be oiled and taken care of before storage. In other areas of the country or the world may have either salt air or higher atmospheric humidity. This will also have an effect on the rust and tarnish on the blades. Please take the time to take the proper care of your blades.

Over time, it is normal for the blades to become a darker grey. This is what high carbon steel does. This is not harmful to the blade and is called patina. Some will opt to force a patina on the blade by dipping in an acid such as vinegar. This will make the blade darken and affect the looks of the knife. The same result can happen when cutting into high acid foods. Please keep all this in mind and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me regarding the use and care of any of my blades.

John Campbell is a former desert survival instructor from Arizona and designer of the Saguaro Survival Knife made by Scorpion Knives. He has been into wilderness survival since the age of eight. He grew up in Oklahoma in a small town called Holsum Valley and during heavy rains and ice storms; he and his family would be trapped for weeks at a time. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and gardening became a way of life and they would even raise their own food animals for sustainment during these hard times.

After graduating from high school in 1995 and spending some years undertaking survival skills in hostile environments, John moved to Arizona where he has been practicing desert survival skills and primitive skills ever since. Today he has written three books on the subject of survival. The Complete Survival in the Southwest, The Bushmans Guide to Tools and Gear, and Memoirs of a Bushman. John has also taken part in the filming of a pilot episode for the History Channel and has made an appearance on Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet. Along with Johns growing list of accomplishments he has been featured twice in Tactical Knives Magazine and can also be found in a students science DVD. Marshall Cavendish Education and Manhattan put this out and is distributed to secondary students all over the world.

Named for the Southwest deserts of the United States, the Southwest Hunter and Trapper have years of experience behind the designs. From the Eastern Woodlands, the harsh deserts, to the cold tundra these blades will have you covered. Growing up hunting, fishing, and trapping Arizona Bushman knows what is demanded of his tools. This makes these blades tough enough to handle and deal with the use and abuse that comes with truly utilizing a knife in the field.

The Southwest Hunter and Trapper were designed with the serious outdoorsman in mind. They are much smaller than other blades in the Arizona Bushman line. In fact, the Southwest Hunter and Trapper designs were a welcomed challenge for the designer. These blades have been on the drawing board for well over two years before their release. Arizona Bushman and Scorpion Knives wanted to make sure they would do the job and handle whatever could be thrown at them. The Southwest Hunter is made of CS80 steel and is 9 ½ inches overall making this blade lightweight and agile. The blade comes in at around 5 inches making this tool a very nice addition to any outdoor kit. The linen Micarta handle scales ensure a non-slip grip even if your hands are sweaty from working hard in the wilderness. The Southwest Trapper is made of CS80 steel and is 8 ½ inches overall with a 4 inch blade. The handle scales are made from linen Micarta.

The Southwest Hunter and Trapper where designed to meet the demands of the very serious outdoorsman. Over the many years in the field Arizona Bushman has had a chance to use and test many different knives and tools. These knives are his answer to everything he was looking for in an everyday carry blade. The Southwest Hunter and Trapper are lean mean carving machines that will last and provide many years of reliable service. Weather you are into bushcraft, survival, hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, or even trapping these knives make the perfect addition to your kit.

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