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John Arizona Bushman Campbell is an upcoming name in the the outdoor world. He has a growing list of accomplishments from educational media to magazines. John has even taken part in the filming of a survival challenge show for the history channel. As these accomplishments are made public they will posted here.

John was contacted in June of 2011 to take part in an educational DVD. He was asked if they could have permission to use one of his videos for the DVD textbook. John gladly said yes. This DVD is made by Manhattan Marshall Cavendish Education. They featured one of his Youtube videos for this project. The DVD is called I-Science Students Learning DVD. John can be found on disk 1B.

With Johns collaboration with TOPS Knives came the the High Desert Survival Knife. This knife featuring John’s School can be found as a featured article in the November 2011 issue of Tactical Knives Magazine. The Article titled TOPS High Desert Survivor was about John, his survival background, the school, and the TOPS High Desert Survival Knife.

In August of 2010 John took part in the filming of a pilot episode for the History Channel called Last to Survive. GRB Entertainment was working on a T.V. reality survival challenge show. John was a contestant on the project were he would be put through a series of survival challenges such as shelter, fire, water, traps, and finally signalling. There were three other contestants as well as two judges and a host. In August of 2011 Johns contract with GRB was up giving him the ability to talk about it. John Said the experience was “the hardest challenge he had ever been through” Two days with minimal water in the desert heat and two days with nothing more than a common fence lizard to eat. No actual equipment but a cheap POS knife and no water container, water was rock boiled in a hole in the ground. By the end of the filming he felt like he had been hit by a truck. John says if he had it to do over again he would do it in a heart beat. He even had a knee injury from when the producers had the constants wear surgical support boots to immobilize their ankles. John Stepped wrong after jinxing himself saying “these feel like they are going to take a knee” with that he was lucky and only strained it.

“I got off to a slow start, I quickly realized that this was not Youtube. The camera men buzzing around like gnats was a little hard to get used too, It was very distracting. I picked up speed about half way through the first challenge and got my shelter built in what felt like a half hour. The Producers and show runners were all calling me “the comeback kid” Honestly I had no clue what was going on through most of the filming I was so focused on what was right in front of me. I was the only only contestant to get a fire and boil water. These were pretty tough challenges. The trap challenge was one of the toughest physiologically, the trap was a bow trap and I guess you could say I learned that one on the spot. I was more used to going after small game and gathering edible insects and arachnids. I had never set a trap for a deer or other large game. After that challenge there was only 2 contestants left, me and one other. This was the signalling portion of the challenge. I was pretty good at this I was thinking to myself. We flipped a coin to see what side of the wash we would get the left or the right. I ended up with the left side. As the timer started I noticed…….Hey! There’s nothing over here. The Right side of the wash had all the good stuff like large orange parachute panels and other stuff. I grabbed I piece of airplane wing and started polishing it with some sand. Ron Hood came up to me and asked if I had seen the sun? I looked over my right shoulder and said “yeah………I hope I have time!” Once the piece was polished I ran over to a clearing and got out my bow drill set and put down some pieces of plastic I had found from the wreckage. It didn’t dawn on me at the time but I couldn’t get my bow drill to work. Come to find out that I had it in a lower pocket of the jumpsuit they had me wear. The salt from my sweat got into the fire board and spindle. I could not get a fire! The time came down to the 5 seconds so I reached into my shoulder pocket and grabbed the small section of orange and white parachute that all the contestants got as a piece of equipment. I ran over to a near by seep willow and tied it on. I was hoping that as the helicopter we were supposed to signal would see it. When the chopper showed up I started flashing the polished piece of wing at the pilot. At altitudes of 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 feet they had to see my signal. This went on for what seemed like hours. Finally it was over I had noticed some of the things that my opponent had done to signal. My stomach started to turn and I did the next to the last interview. I was certain I had lost. I was giving thumbs up the other constant and saying how good of a job she had done. It was then time to be judged by none other than Ron Hood. They built up quite the dramatic finish and it was actually very surprising. I was so shocked that I almost fainted when I was announced the winner.

Knives: John has been involved in knife design for several years. The first knife was selected by a collaboration between himself and Mike Fuller of TOPS Knives.

The TOPS High Desert Survival Knife was the first of many knives to come from John “Arizona Bushman” Campbell. The knife was released in late 2010 and has been featured in the November Issue of Tactical Knives Magazine mentioned earlier on this page.

The Saguaro Survival Knife in one of John’s very own designs and is made by Scorpion Knives located in Sheffield England. This knife was on he drawing board for a few years before it became a reality. From the very first drawing to finished product it has gone through many changes before becoming the Saguaro Survival Knife.

John wanted to call it the Saguaro Survival Knife to represent the Southwest region of the united states. This is where John says he did most of his growing in the field of survival and primitive technology.

The Protool Industries John Campbell Signature Series Line. This line is scheduled to be released at the SHOT Show 2012. These knives are designed by John and also have been on the drawing board for several years before becoming a reality. There is one thing that can be said about these blades, they are large. John has had the long time belief that should someone find themselves in a survival or wilderness situation a large blade will see you through. He teaches a knife only survival course that is not only difficult but challenging for any blade. These blades as well as his others will be seen and used in future knife only classes and videos. Once the knives are released there are plans of John doing a grueling 3-4 day survival video using nothing but these knives. One video per blade. Stay updated as these videos and blades are released.

With classes waning because of the economy John has taught over 100 classes since 2004. The photo shown was taken during a plant walk in 2010. This class taught about edible and medicinal plants of the region. With over 30 plant walks in a 5 year period they were always full of interesting facts about the uses of these plants. John didn’t just dive into the

General uses of plants he often told about the tribes in the area that and what they would use them for as well. There was generally so much plant information John would make sure the students had cameras and notebooks to be able to retain the information given. these classes would last anywhere from 4 to 7 hours and cover tree major climactic regions of the state. From Lower Sonoran desert, high Sonoran desert scrub, riparian areas, to ponderosa belts at higher elevations.

Some of Johns information would also be donated. John used to be invited to local schools and libraries to give free demonstration of survival skills like traps, fire, water, shelter, navigation, and even signalling for rescue. In the photo John is demonstrating the principal of the Figure 4 dead fall trap.

John has also in the past hosted a free gathering called the Arizona Bushman Gathering. These would bring people from different areas of the country to learn survival and primitive skills. These were not just for teaching and learning, they were also geared toward the friendships and networking that would go on during these gatherings. There was time set aside for teaching basic primitive skills like fire by friction, coal burning containers, making cordage from natural fibers, edible and medicinal plants, and learning about the uses of traps, and trapping. There are some plans in the works for bigger and better gatherings for the future.

In the July 2012 issue of Tactical Knives Magazine John was mentioned 3 times throughout. The highlight being an article featuring his Saguaro Survival Knife next to the Mel Parry Brute. Both of these blades are made by Scorpion Knives in Sheffield England. There is also two other mentions of John in the Cutting Edge. There is a sneak peak at his Apache Bolo coming soon from Pro Tool Industries.

The article on the Saguaro was a very enjoyable read and touched on the versatility of the blade. It was given a very good and very thorough test and review by the Author Tim Stetzer. Click this link for a sample of the article:

This is a screenshot taken from the Daily Planets website for Discovery Canada. John was featured in a segment during their Survive This Week. He took 3 people into the desert to show the very basics of desert survival. He went over building a survival kit, setting up a fast and easy shelter, making fire, and locating water. Here is a link to the segment, I am on after the astronaut.

This is the 2013 Pro Tool Industries catalog. This year John can be found on page 13, 14 and the back cover. This catalog features his newly redesigned Bushmaiden as well as the Apache Bolo and the SPCSE. All three are knives that he has worked very hard to bring to life. To read more about the Bushmaiden

High Desert Survival School and Arizona Bushman are proud to announce the arrival of the Survival in the Southwest series of books written by John “Arizona Bushman” Campbell. This series covers all aspects of survival in one of the worlds harshest environments. Written over thespan of almost 7 years this book was made into sections covering subjects like Basics and survival kit construction in book 1. It also covers the ABC’s for preparations and and how to handle stress. Book 2 covers shelter construction and location, Book 3 covers all aspects of Fire, Book 4 covers Water/Navigation/Signaling, Book 5 covers Hunting/Trapping/Gathering. Book 6 covers Improvising your Equipment and is based mostly around primitive skills. These books are available on for Kindle and for print on demand. Pages range from 56-124. Check them out and enjoy the read!

With all 6 books in completion John decided to put all of them together into one book. He did this mostly for online retailers, libraries, and those that wanted the complete series instead of 6 small books. This is a huge 8×10 book with 372 pages. It has been called the encyclopedia of desert survival by some that have purchased it. This is a major milestone in Johns career as a writer, knife designer and filmmaker. There are other books in the works as well as DVDs on the subject of desert survival.

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