Here at High Desert Survival, we are committed to giving you full reviews of wilderness survival and outdoor gear. Our reviews are straight forward and unbiased. A lot of time goes into each review that is submitted. Among the reviews that are written are knives, axes, saws, tents, hammocks, mess kits, survival kits, fire starters, the list goes on and on. I have personally selected writers for the articles on this site. These writers are trusted people that I network with and have networked with for several years. Their field experience is known and with each product they test I can guarantee that what is presented will be top notch and professional.

We strive on quality equipment that will serve you well in the field whether you are camping, hiking, or just building your perfect kit. Being in a though time right now we understand that some gear can be quite pricey. That is why regardless of the cost of the equipment we will show you the ins and outs of each item. This is to give you the best possible idea of the function and durability of the product before you commit to buying. Some items tested and reviewed you may not agree with. That is fine, we have taken the time to fully explore and research the product as well as giving the scoop on our personal experiences with it.

We will be adding several product reviews to this site in the near future. These will include items for fire, shelter, food, water, trapping, hunting, comfort, books, and a host of others. Please keep up to date with the web site and check back from time to time. Click the images to read the articles and see video footage of the gear being used in the field. Ill be continuously updating this site and this section so keep coming back for updates.