Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2

This little credit card tool really surprised me. When I received it in the mail after speaking with the company rep I was a little skeptical. I knew this tool had definite limitations. Me being one to handle large knives all the time I was honestly afraid I would break it. However once I started using it I found that it can handle a little more than I had thought. I felt I had really underestimated this blade.

The uses I found for it are limitless when it comes to small back up blades. I really began to instinctively reach for it for small jobs instead of grabbing for my husky main knife. I started out by harvesting a few wild edibles like mustard’s and other greens. I then began to harvest a few edible bulbs we have in the area. Once I saw it could handle that I went a step further; I started to carve with it. With the blade being pinned in place with the same plastic material as the main body of the tool I was again afraid I would break it. By doing this lead to knowing, meaning I now knew that for light carving this blade had it handled.

Since the nights were cold I figured I would give it another test. I took it outside and let sit till the plastic felt a little stiff. As we all know plastic likes to break in lower temperatures. I know what your thinking “you live in a desert how cold could it possibly get” at night the mid 20’s. I began to flex the joints which are plastic, and nothing happened. From there I started thinking that maybe I could were them out and they would break. Every day I must have looked like someone with severe OCD. I bent and flexed the joints off and on for a few hours every day for a week. They held up just fine. The plastic material this is made of is a special polymer that will not break; if it does it is covered under the warranty. Not bad at all really!

General use and carrying I found to be just fine as well. I have herd other reviewers really bash the product. They would say things like “this is flimsy” or “this thing is weak and I can’t think of actually reaching for it to use”. Keep in mind also that this is made in Great Britain. I myself have a blade made over there. There is no better education on knife law than to actually speak with a company that makes them. Blades in the UK have to be non locking and 3 inches or under just for a basic understanding of the law. This blade fits both of those guidelines. Granted you still have to have a good reason to carry one. In a lot of cases people with certain jobs are allowed as long as it part of their job to have one. Understand that having a folding knife disguised as a credit card tucked away in your wallet won’t win you any nice guy awards; it can still get you into serious trouble. My advice is just be mindful of the laws in your area concerning such issues. Here were I live I can carry a loaded firearm concealed without a permit. There for having this credit card knife is not an issue for me. My way of looking at it is it’s a “new” product of coarse its going to meet scrutiny.

In my opinion I have found a great addition to my small survival kit. My way of looking at the item is simple, if the blade breaks off its 10 to 15 bucks online or I use the warranty. If not I still have a very nice little spear point. Personally I am vary happy with the knife and I find myself using more often than my other small blades. I have used it as hobby knife, an eating utensil, a box opener, harvesting wild edibles, and I have even dug up bulbs with it. It comes razor sharp and it holds an edge very well. For me it will stay in my kit and be there when I need it. It makes a very good and handy back up tool.

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