When we eat protein, it is broken down in the body as Amino Acids. These are very important for muscle health, growth, as well as maintaining muscular structure. In a survival situation, our body will begin eating away the fat stores first. This will start with the subcutaneous fat, and then it will move to the fat in our organs. From there the body will feast on its own muscle. However, most survival situations will last only 24 to 72 hours. This is not enough time for the body to begin devouring itself. When we start to reach, the one-week mark of starvation there is a noticeable change in our body’s structure. The fat stores at this time begin to dwindle. At first, your body will go into panic mode and start storing body fat for the emergency to use later, as it is needed. This is actually one of the reasons the starvation diet does not work. Once this fat is stored and the energy is used up, the real damage begins. The photo at left is me before I started this experiment you can see that I was quite large.

In today’s society, we will snack on many different types of foods. Unfortunately, these junk foods will speed the buildup of fat in our bodies. As we spend more and more time playing video games, working at the computer, sitting and watching TV we are essentially at rest. Our bodies are not designed for this inactivity. I my self am guilty of sitting for hours taking photos, answering emails, editing videos, and even writing articles for my website. While doing so it is all too easy to reach for the fastest type of food, which is normally carb based trash, and sit there and stuff my face.

I did a video called Stone Blades and I noticed something while editing the footage. My weight had gotten out of control. It was even affecting my breathing. In the morning, I had difficulties putting on my shoes and socks. I had made an appointment to visit the Dr about a sinus issue I was having, when they weighed me I was 252 pounds. I had gained over 15 pounds since my last visit. It was then I decided to do something about it. I started getting a lot more active, cutting out the bad fats and carbs, I lifted weights, and I walked 4 miles every other day. After about a week, I noticed I was able to do the 4 miles everyday. I started to step up the exercise and added intervals into the daily walk. I found I was running 8 th mile bursts during the walk. I ended up loosing a total of 20 pounds in a month. Slowly I began to gain the weight back, instead this time it was muscle. Sounds amazing I know, but the first bit of weight was water loss, followed by cleansing my body of other waste. I also found that getting away from soda was a huge factor. I discussed this with my Dr. and he told me it is normal for big weight loss after not drinking soda.

One of the things I was thankful for was the addition of Survivamino. They contacted me on YouTube and asked if I would be interested in testing out their product. I looked it up online and made the decision to give it a go. The bottle arrived containing 100 tablets, which I was to take five tablets 3 times a day. This gives you roughly a 6-day supply. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but that six days was enough for me to really step up my game in the weight loss. Each tablet has 1000 milligrams of amino acids with a total of 5,000 milligrams, which is what I was taking and is not the daily recommended dose on the bottle . That sounds like a lot but actually our body’s need 3.1 grams (3,100 milligrams) to 6.5 grams (6,500 milligrams) daily. Normally I find I can get this with lean meats and fish. I used the Survivamino to supplement this intake to see if I had any differences from the pills to the actual intake of proteins. What I actually found was that I had given myself more of a calorie deficit during the day than I had thought. However, after consulting my Dr. I found that this did not hurt me in the least, what was going on was my body was still getting the amino acids to keep my muscle structure intact. This accompanied with all the fresh fruits and vegetables I was eating, I was doing quite well. Granted over a longer period, caution should be given and lean meats should be eaten. This product is meant to be a supplement and not to be used alone as a food replacement.

This article was to focus on my personal experience with this product; and how I added it into my daily routine. This is not meant to be a guide and much more study and information is needed to attempt what I did over the course of this month. I was under the supervision of a physician and if anything would have went wrong; I would have taken his word and stopped immediately. Anytime you are attempting to loose weight please consult your medical professional. All information in this article is always being debated and is constantly changing. For me I focus on the survival aspect and not the medical. This worked for me, although I have been known to push the envelope. You can see in the photo the difference in a month. Granted there are some differences in the photo like my shirt not being tucked in. You can still however see that there is a huge difference. Hopefully I will be able to keep this up.

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