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I was contacted a few weeks ago about a new “Swiss Army Knife” of clips. At first, I was not sure what this clip hanger was and I was not sure how I was going to present it. After a lot of time in the field using the product, I found it to be a great time saving tool to have on hand. I have always used carabiners to secure my equipment like packs and even boots off the ground. This always required extra cord to either make loops or a line from tree to tree. While using this product I found myself being able to simply hang the equipment from a branch or even off the rear hatch on my Blazer. I have tried to do this many times using only carabiners but I found that the opening was either too small or it would scratch the hell out of the paint on my truck. I find it important to be able to quickly suspend your equipment off the ground for several reasons. First and most obvious is the fact that I hate pulling thorns out of the bottom of my pack. If they get in your pack, they will find a way to get in you. Second and equally important is the keep arachnids at bay. By setting your bag on the ground, you are inviting spiders and scorpions in. You only need to grab one once and you will never let it happen again.

It may not seem like such a big deal to tie a line or make extra loops to secure gear, however, I am here to tell you that anytime you can save time and even a little space while in the field, you are that much ahead of the game. Anything that is lightweight and versatile has a place in my kit. I have found that this small clip will most likely be with me from now on.

The last time I took the Qlipter with me, I left it secured to the handle of my pack. This made it very easy to hang anywhere I needed. While looking for small items I found that having the pack hung from the rear hatch of my truck it is at the right height to not only find what I need, it also keeps me from having to lean into my truck to get certain items. Again, may not seem like a big deal but I will take my family camping from time to time and this saves a huge pain in the rear. I do not have to go through all their stuff to find mine. I can keep my stuff separated and neatly organized by quickly hanging it.

Seeing how I live in the desert shade is one of the biggest issues I face, especially while filming. While there are a few trees in some of the areas I frequent, I find that they are spaced so far apart that it is useless to try to string a tarp. I have gone as far as tying a tarp the luggage rack on my truck but this always turned into an unneeded pain, especially when it came to untying the line afterwards. With the Qlipter all I need to do is make a loop and hook it on. This gives me a very solid connecting point that can be quickly removed and moved if needed.

I am finding more and more that small items such as this make a huge difference when it comes to organization of equipment. I found it to make such a huge difference in the field that even at home it lends a helping hand. I found this clip to work very well for hanging my weed eater as well as my garden hose (for winter storage). My wife likes it because she no longer has to set her purse on the floor or on the seat next to her while; we are eating in a restaurant. Even the 360-degree turning radius comes in handy while in use.

There have been many occasions that I have been contacted for a test or article on a product. There are many products out there that I see as a waste of time. These I will not even consider doing a review let alone a mention of the item. The Qlipter however, is not one of those items. I truly see this as being a revolutionary tool that saves time and helps us all be just a little more organized as well. If you are interested in this item check out the . Also, remember this is not a weight-supporting device. Do not use this to hang hammocks or use for any other weight supporting aid.

Above are some photos of the Qlipter in action. The first is a closeup of the clip and hanger features of the tool. When closed and in storage mode the hook is held in place with a magnet embedded inside the tip. The center shows the rubber grip tip protecting the paint on the roof of my truck. You can also see how the hook works to secure the Qlipter in place. On the right is the Qlipter safely and securely holding my Condor II pack to the rear hatch of my Blazer.

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