The Stryke-All

The final product of the Stryke-All is here. This really is a revolutionary match striker. It is water resistant with an adhesive peelable back that will allow you to put this on any smooth flat surface. The product consists of a small orange plastic matchbox with two water resistant strikers and matches. The matches are the waterproof stick matches and there are enough to last for some time.

The test I did of this product did not disappoint me in the least. Personally I am one to use matches. Call me old school but I have used matches for most of my life and they do have a place in my survival kit. I love the idea of being able to protect the striker, I have ruined more match strikers than I care to admit. I have on a few occasions tried to light a fire in a storm only to have my match striker turn into oatmeal in my hands. This takes care of that issue. If the Stryke-All gets wet it is very simple to blow off the excess water, dab off the remaining moisture and get those matches lit.

A little understanding about this. Most people want to have something for their EDC bag and completely confuse the meaning of what a “survival” item is. We know that here in the U.S. a survival situation will last on average of 24 to 72 hours. We also know the rules of telling people were we are going and when we will return. This being the case this product is a “survival” item. Sure there are ferro rods out there and even butane lighters but , there is also a man named Murphy, never forget about him. He will see to it that your day goes from worse to extreme hell in 2.5 seconds. Just having the added insurance of a water resistant match striker would be highly beneficial.

I throw one in each of my kits and it is there if I ever need it. I have heard every reason in the book why not to carry one of these. Personally I don’t care about that, I know from personal experience that even having a waterproof match container with the striker inside can still fail. All it has to do is rain, once water gets on the cardboard striker its done. If I only need to use the Stryke-All once in my life I know its going to work. This is a last ditch item and when it matters that’s when having a backup plan will save your ass. The key is not to confuse this item with an EDC, that is not its intended purpose. This is intended to be used when nothing else will work.

The Stryke-All can also be added on to. Inside the plastic box I have placed a small ferro rod for safe keeping as well as a few different types of matches, and yes I even added a third match striker. Why? because this item can be used as part of a survival kit. The key is to have the waterproof strikers on hand when you need them. Having them when you need them means utilizing the product in a manner that makes it available and at the ready.

Warning: This product contains red phosphorous. This can cause damage to internal organs. If you come into contact with the phosphorous clean your hands thoroughly.

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